Meet Our Team


Stalking is such a strong word; I prefer intense research of an individual.  My spectician process is “let’s workout really hard, then re-hydrate with marguerites”.  So basically my spectician process is looking good and having fun! 


I’ve been called a perfectionist and obsessive, I just see the difference between nearly right and exactly right. I will not use your flaws against you. Don’t act like flip flops if you want to be treated like heels. Spelling is hard, me picking glasses for you is easy…the end.


“I have too many clothes and shoes”-said no woman ever!  Everyone needs new glasses, always.  Chase your dreams, in high heels of course.

Amber//Frame Stylist

Marriage is a workshop where the husband works and the wife shops.  When I say “what” it is not because I didn’t hear you It’s because I’m giving you a chance to change your answer.  No mannequin should pull off glasses better than you.


I didn’t text you, vodka did.  Even if your pillow is your hair stylist, glasses can make you look cool.  I speak from experience.  I know a lot of things and you should listen to me because I love Game of Thrones.  That’s all that matters.